Lecate warrants its doors to be of the highest quality, in both materials and workmanship, free from manufacturing and design defects. In the unlikely event a Lecate door is defective, Lecate will replace or repair the door. This warranty extends one year from the date of delivery and is subject to the following terms, conditions, and limitations:

If a defect occurs, Lecate must be notified in writing within the one-year warranty period, and Lecate shall have the opportunity to request additional information or inspect the door. Lecate reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether a door is defective, whether the warranty applies, and whether replacement or repair is appropriate. Doors are not to be returned to Lecate without Lecate’s prior written authorization.

This warranty does NOT apply to doors that are over 8 feet tall or 36 inches wide; doors with a single-glass or single-wood panel that exceeds 80 inches tall or 36 inches wide; doors that are less than 1 ¾ inches thick; doors that have not been properly sealed on all six sides of the door within 14 days of delivery; doors that are damaged from failure to comply with Lecate’s Finishing and Care Instructions; doors damaged by anyone other than Lecate in an attempts to repair the door; doors damaged after delivery due to improper finishing, storage, or installation by others beyond the control of Lecate; doors damaged by misuse, abuse, accident, or an act of nature; doors with a south-facing exterior exposure, doors exposed to sun or rain, or doors that do not have a protective overhang that extends horizontally a distance from the structure at least half the distance vertically between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the overhang; doors used in a commercial setting; doors that were trimmed in excess of ½ inch from the top of the door or 1 ½ inches from the bottom of the door.

This warranty does NOT apply to doors that have a warp of ¼ of an inch or less in the plane of a door that is 80 inches tall or smaller, or a warp of 3/8 of an inch or less in the plane of a door between an 80-inch and an 8-foot door (warp is defined as any distortion in the door itself)*; doors that have discoloration or rusting from hardware; doors that have panel movement or shrinkage damage resulting from use over time; doors that expand or contract due to varying environmental conditions; and damage associated with ordinary wear and tear, including natural weathering of surfaces. Natural inconsistencies in materials and finishes, such as natural variations in color or texture of wood are not considered to be a defect in materials.

*If the claimed defect is based on door warp, Lecate has the discretion to defer replacing or repairing the door for up to one year from installation to allow time for door to acclimate to local environmental conditions.

If any damage occurs during shipping, Lecate should be contacted within 24 hours of delivery to address the damage so a claim may be made to the shipper.

Warranty of an approved defect covers repair or replacement of defective door. Warranty does not include removal, installation, finishing, or other costs associated with the door replacement or repair. Lecate shall not be liable under these warranties for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, or for any amount in excess of the purchase price of a defective door, whether the claim is for a breach of warranty or negligence. Lecate is not responsible for the installation or finishing or replacement door or door components.