custom wood doors




As a natural product, wood contains moisture that may change in size and shape as its environment changes. Exposure to extreme moisture, dryness, heat or cold may cause wood to expand or contract, which may cause joint separation, veneer checking or cracking, delamination, or bowing of the stile or rail. If a door will be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture, non-wood materials are recommended.


Seasonal climates & trimming

In seasonal climates, doors may expand or contract, causing binding or gaps against door jambs. If a door needs to be trimmed for fitting purposes, all exposed edges must be sealed and refinished immediately.


unfinished doors

If doors are ordered unfinished from Lecate, doors must be completely finished on all six sides within 14 days of delivery by a skilled and qualified contractor to minimize moisture absorption.


regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is required to protect the wood and preserve the finish. Interior doors should be cleaned regularly with a damp non-abrasive cloth using water or a mild detergent. Furniture and wood polishes containing wax are not recommended, nor are abrasive cleansing agents, or those containing vinegar, citrus, paint removers, window cleaners, or industrial cleaning products.



Exterior door finishes, especially those with exposure to the elements, will deteriorate. Accordingly, it is recommended that exterior doors be inspected and cleaned regularly and that they be refinished as often as every year or as needed. Refinishing should be performed by a skilled and qualified contractor using high-quality products.